Wills & Estate Planning

Everyone in North Carolina has what amounts to “a will”, provided by the state within the Intestate Succession Act, which is how the state will divide up and distribute your property after you die. That is unless YOU choose to make your wishes known in your will. The state lets you “opt out” of the Intestate Succession Act only through a properly executed will. Everybody with a family and/or any significant property should have a properly executed will. While having a will can’t resolve every possible issue that may arise, it can do a lot to make a difficult time for your family much easier by letting everyone know exactly what you wanted to have done. Don’t put you loved ones in the position of having to decide who gets your property, or worse yet, having to fight with the state over who should have it.

We draft wills for people with estates valued up to $675,000.00. We can tailor a will to meet your goals in regards to your children, family, property, and final wishes. Just as important, we can help explain some common misconceptions and answer questions you may have about what will happen after you have passed.

The price of a will begins at $300 and a spouse’s get a discount of $100.00 if they have us draft a will for them at the same time. This can be a small price to pay for piece of mind.

If you currently do not have a will, or your life has changed significantly since your will was prepared, please contact our office to set up a confidential consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available, and we will come to your home to draft your will if that is easier for you or a medical necessity!

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