Serious Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Serious Personal Injury can leave a person devastated, unable to work, in serious pain, facing insurmountable medical bills and emotionally devastated. Wrongful Death can leave a family robbed of its’ means of support. We handle serious personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from: Auto Accidents, Tractor-Trailer Wrecks, Negligence, Malpractice, Professional Negligence, Dog Bites, and criminal acts. We will visit you at your home or in the hospital if you are unable to come to our office. We will discuss your case and help you document your injuries and damages in a manner that we will be able to present to insurance adjusters or the court.

There has been a concerted effort by the insurance industry in recent years to portray personal injury and wrongful death claims as somehow bad for America. In truth the opposite is true. We live in the only country founded on the premise of individual justice and fairness. In our system of government, if someone harms you they should pay for the harm. This is true whether the harm is purely economic, i.e. causing you to miss work or breaking a window in your house, or if the damage is “pain & suffering”, i.e. leaving a person with a shattered knee that will hurt for the rest of their life. This system is good for our country for several reasons, because it “makes whole”, as best money can, those injured, because it puts the economic burden of injuries on those causing the injuries, and perhaps most importantly, because it creates financial incentives for people to avoid harming others. People, especially the insurance companies, complain about the risk of getting sued, but that risk saves lives by creating financial incentives for hospitals and doctors to be more careful, for car and tire manufacturers to recall and fix defective products as soon as defects are known, before additional unnecessary injuries occur. And these incentives protect Americans and give us a better life.

There are legal limits on how long you have to file a claim after an injury. These statutes of limitations bar you from collecting if you wait too long. If you have suffered a serious personal injury or had a family member’s life taken, please don’t delay or your claim may be lost forever!

We take serious personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingent basis, where you pay us nothing for our time and efforts on your behalf unless we are able to get a recovery for you. This saves you from the risk of adding large legal bills to your previous injury and gives us the same incentives you have — to get the best settlement possible for you. If you have suffered a serious personal injury or had the life of a family member taken we are ready to help! We will fight to get you what you deserve!

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