Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile offenses are actions against those under 16 in North Carolina, for everything from truancy to murder, where the state is either petitioning to have the juvenile adjudicated delinquent or where the state is petitioning to try the child as an adult.

Public attitudes to perceived increases in juvenile crime have lead to the reality that children are charged with legal violations for actions that would have been handled outside the criminal justice system just a few years ago. Today a child pushing another on the playground can result in legal action with serious ramifications that can affect the child for the rest of their life.

The laws pertaining to juvenile offences are much less known than those in general criminal law. Anyone facing the juvenile justice system needs an attorney who knows this area of the law and is prepared to fight on your behalf. We can help you if you or your child if you are facing the juvenile justice system. We have years of experience handling juvenile cases and regularly handle cases in Alamance County, Chatham County, Durham County, and Orange County courts. We occasionally handle cases in Guilford County, Person County, and Wake County courts. Outside this area, we can refer you to qualified attorneys in every County across North Carolina.

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