Felonies are the most serious crimes. Traditionally felonies were crimes punishable by death. While most felonies no longer are capital crimes punishable by death, they are all very serious matters. Felony convictions can result in loss of your professional licenses, fines, probation, and long prison sentences. Some still carry a possible death sentence. They can cost you your career. The ramifications of a felony conviction are almost too broad to cover, including a loss of a right to vote, possess a firearm, or work in many jobs.

If you have been charged with ANY felony you need a lawyer who knows criminal law, the court you will be in, and the District Attorneys and Judges who will be involved in your case. You need the very best lawyer you can afford! There are problems any lawyer can handle and problems most clients can handle, but defending any felony charge is not among them!

We defend all non-capital felonies in state and federal courts within North Carolina. Because of the unique nature of capital trials, we believe anyone facing a capital felony should be defended by attorneys specializing in that area of law. If you are facing a capital charge we can refer you to qualified counsel. If you are facing a non-capital felony, we stand ready to defend you zealously.

Putting on a viable defense to felony charges requires considerable resources, and thus tends to be fairly expensive. Obviously, the level of expense necessary depends on the facts of your case, whether there will be a trial, whether it will be in state or federal court, and many other variables. Once these facts area known, we can often give you a set price in advance for our services so you will know exactly what we will be charging.

If you are facing a felony we can help!

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