Drug Charges

Drug charges, regardless of the type of drug or amount, need to be taken seriously and defended vigorously. The political “war on drugs” is well and good until it gets down to the casualties of this war. North Carolina takes illegal drugs VERY Seriously. Drug convictions can result in loss of professional licenses, fines, prison sentences and a “drug tax” of astronomical proportions — often hundreds, or thousands of times the street value of the drugs. They can cost you your career. If you have been charged with any drug offence, you need a lawyer who knows the law, drug service providers in your area, the court you will be in, and the District Attorneys and Judges who will be involved in your case. You need the very best lawyer you can afford!

To further complicate most drug cases, there is the real possibility of being prosecuted, and potentially punished, twice for the same crime! It is not uncommon for someone to be prosecuted in state court on drug charges and then to be prosecuted in federal court. Double-jeopardy does not keep this from happening because these prosecutions are by different “sovereigns”.

This potential double-prosecution can make serious drug charges expensive to defend successfully. While we strive to keep our fees reasonable and let you know exactly what our fees will be, we do not compete to see how cheap we will work. We strive to give you the best value, but the cheapest defense is no defense — something we see as an unacceptable choice for those facing drug charges.

If you have difficulty raising the money to handle your case, or need to complete items before you go to court to improve the outcome of possible conviction by your scheduled court date it may be possible for us to get your case continued. We will discuss this with you when we talk. If you would like us to ask for a continuance in your case we need to have as much lead-time as possible.

If you are facing drug charges we can help!

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